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It’s our passion to support businesses by providing quality technology solutions and services.  In order to complement those services, we’re now adding relevant knowledge and know-how to the site to better assist you in making the management of your technology easier, more productive, and give you peace of mind.

Business managing technology

Business managing technology

One of the most satisfying aspects of our work is sharing information, educating, and making a difference with our clients. The fact is, nobody knows your business like you do and keeping up with the demands of ever changing technology can be overwhelming and truly managing your business’ technology takes a team effort.

Why are we doing this?

Well, to help you to avoid 1. using a solution that may under-perform, is not a fit, or worse, puts your company at risk, and 2. ensure you’re maximizing your investments and not overspending on services you don’t need or utilize. The most important part of managing technology is balancing the objectives of your business with the knowledge of the capabilities of the solutions available to you. As a result, the information provided here will primarily focus the integration points between your business and technology.  It will include topics ranging from understanding your staff’s abilities to planning for a disaster, and everything in between.

To ultimately make this information pertinent to your situation, your interaction is requested and you are encouraged to leave comments and feedback. By doing this, you will be directly shaping the topics discussed and helping others who may be in a similar situation.

The content here is free and open to everyone. We hope you will enjoy the content and will share it with your staff and colleagues .

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Question: What 3 computing challenges are you facing in your business? Or what 3 things about your business keep you up at night?